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Default What does an Accident Attorney do?

An accident attorney assists individuals who have been physically injured due to the negligent actions of another. This type of lawyer may also be referred to as a personal injury lawyer. While they may specialize in a particular type of accident, attorneys in this area will handle accident cases involving automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, commercial vehicles, boats, aviation, industrial, and construction sites, to name a few.

The attorney will attempt to meet with an injured party as soon as possible after the accident has occurred. At this stage, he will also conduct a preliminary investigation, which includes reading the official accident report prepared by the police as well as all of the witness statements. After gathering this information and speaking with the injured party, the accident attorney will determine whether the situation creates a viable claim.

Once the accident lawyer has agreed to take a party’s case, he will begin a more in depth investigation. The accident report is examined more carefully, and all of the police witnesses are re-interviewed by the attorney. A set of questions are also prepared and forwarded to the negligent party with a request for a written response. The accident lawyer may also bring in key witnesses at this time to be questioned on the record in a deposition.

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