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Default What is a Water Jet Cutter?

A water jet cutter is a device which is designed to cut with the use of a jet of water. Water jet cutters can handle a wide variety of materials, and they have some distinct advantages when compared to other types of cutting tools. Several companies manufacture water jet cutters which can be purchased or rented, and a number of companies use these cutters in industrial settings, for tasks such as the fabrication of custom parts.

The earliest versions of the water jet cutter were developed in the 1950s, and worked by generating a jet of high velocity water which was also highly pressurized. In the 1970s, innovators realized that the efficacy of a water jet cutter could be greatly increased by adding an abrasive material such as powdered garnet to the stream of water. Modern water jet cutters can handle very thick and very dense materials, such as brick.

For manufacturers, the water jet cutter is also useful because it does not create areas of weakness in the materials it cuts. Other types of cutters can generate areas around the cut which have been damaged by heat, generated from the friction created during the cutting process. A water jet cutter is cold and inert, preventing stress on the material being cut. It also does not generate dust, and it's a highly versatile cutting option which can be easily adjusted by interchanging the head of the cutter.

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